• personalised, informative, comfortable
    " Joe took my buddy and I out for a full day out in the sticks to see a less frequented part of the wall. We were picked up in a very comfortable car. The drive out to the wall was very safe unlike the kind of crazy taxi rides I am accustom to in the mainland. Upon arrival to the area we hike up the hill to the wall with Joe. Joe was very informative the whole way about history, the region, culture, etc. English is top-notch. Experience was totally non-rushed. Very friendly guy and I recommend him to anyone visiting Beijing and I already have recommended him to my friends and relatives visiting."
    Visited March 2013
  • "Great trip and experience"
    "Joe and the driver picked me up at the hotel and we drove to the great wall. This part of the wall was non-touristic and we hiked on the non-restored wall till we met the famous restored part of the great wall. All the way Joe explained very much and also answered questions. Joe was very nice and helpful and he speaks good English. Great experience!"

    Visited July 2013

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UNTOUCHED GREAT WALL HIKE is a company bases in Beijing China,as a tour company, we specialize in private Great Wall hike tours and private Great Wall camping tours,and the same time,we also provide private Beijing City tours.Our team knows the Great Wall very well because all our staffs have hike experience on the Great Wall.

UNTOUCHED GREAT WALL HIKE doesn’t just consider showing you around the Great Wall and telling you the history of the Great Wall as our routine jobs,as Chinese,we also think it is our responsibilities to spread the profound Chinese culture to the world and make you know us well,understand us well.Because we consider spreading our culture as our impetus so we have a lot of enthusiasm to show you and tell you as many as we know.

UNTOUCHED GREAT WALL HIKE stresses high quality service a lot,shopping with commission are not allowed,we only consider knowledge and integrity as the real value of our service.Our slogan is :Choose us,choose the best.


Great Wall is one of the eight wonders around the world,an ancient construction with so many significances. Do you think taking a cable car to the top and walk on it for 1 hour or two hours is enough? The answer is “No”. The best way to experience the oldness and magnificence of wall is to hike on the untouched wild Great Wall, use your feet, your eyes to feel the difficulty of building the Great Wall in ancient, to understand the real meaning of the “Great” of the Great wall. Untouched Wild Great Wall Hike provides one-day hike to ten-day hike on the Great Wall. We make every effort to help you get close to the history as possible as you can.After the hike we provided to you,  maybe your will have a new perspective of life.


Do you want to stay on the Great Wall over night just like the solders did 600 years ago? If your answer is yes that we will the company makes your dream come true.
Our company will arrange everything for you,tents,sleeping bags,mats ,torches water and the breakfast next morning,we take every effort to make you enjoy the camp on the great Wall.
Not like lots of other companies who arrange the camp NEAR the Great Wall,our company guarantees that we will definitely camp ON the Great Wall in the watch tower.
If you book the more than day tour from our company, you can choose to camp on the Great Wall or stay in a farmhouse in a Great Wall village from where you can see the Great Wall
Camp on the Great Wall will let you have chance to enjoy the stunning view of the Great Wall sunrise and sunset and also will make you like taking time machine back to ancient time.
If the weather is very bad ,for example,when there is rainstorm or lightning,in order to make sure no accidents happen ,we will not camp on the wall,instead, we will stay in the farmhouse.

City Tour

Beijing as a city is already 3000 years old, as the capital is already 800 years old. In such an old city, there are so many old architectures and intangible heritages. Exploring in such a charming city is supposed to be a lot of fun, but Beijing is such a big city with big population, because of this ,it is very crowded which will make you annoyed.
Untouched Wild Great Hike will try our best to help you get rid of crowded and give you a comfortable and pleasant trip, and our guides will help you understand china better. Our guides are very proud of the history of our country . We consciously take on the responsibility to spread the culture of China and we are long for making friends with people from around the world and knowing each other better, so we will tell you everything we know to make you have an unforgettable trip.